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Accurate Payroll with AGS Payroll Services

As your outsourced payroll partner we will make every effort to ensure the payroll data we produce is accurate. Our systems are designed to ensure complete accuracy, and we pride ourselves on consistent and accurate delivery every time. Here's a little insight into how we achieve such high accuracy:

Software from the Sage Group – these are the people who provide our payroll software which, in turn, is checked and approved annually by HM Revenue & Customs. We have used this payroll software since 2000 and you can feel assured that it is in regular use by thousands of businesses, including accountants, throughout the UK.

AGS Process – at AGS Payroll we carefully check and balance all payroll data before and after the payroll input. This assists our aim of complete payroll accuracy.

AGS Promise – at AGS we allow very few payroll errors to escape our notice. On those very rare occasions we produce inaccurate data we correct immediately.

Client Input – Naturally, our clients also need to play their part. We carefully check all client payroll data. Where we do identify client errors we correct them before processing. Where we believe a client has made errors but we are unsure as to their exact requirements we contact the client to verify the data. Where our client is in error and the error is notified to us prior to our input process we adjust at no cost to the client. Sometimes we do need to make a charge where payroll reports and payslips have already been completed.

We find that with the right software, systems and client input, we have developed an extremely robust and accurate payroll system.

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